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A Piece of History

Queensland State Archives 1843 Tobacco curing Ayr November 1955

The tobacco industry has been an integral part of North Carolina for centuries. Just a few decades ago, tobacco sticks were handcrafted by farmers. Bundles of tobacco leaves were tied to the sticks and hung to dry in tobacco barns.

Due to modern advances, drying techniques have changed, and tobacco sticks are no longer needed. They are becoming increasingly difficult to find, which makes items such as these flags and home decor both historically and decoratively valued.

Customer Raves

They loved it!

Thank you for the lovely Arizona Flag! They loved it!!

~ Heather K.

Pictures don’t do it justice…

I just got my first glimpse of the flag you guys made… All I can say is, “WOW!” The pictures don’t do it justice… I love it! My friend was on the road for about 2 weeks straight and recently laid eyes on his. He was so moved. God definitely had something in mind in all of this. 😊 Thank you all again!

~ Aaron U.

It’s a megahit!

[message from fiance surprised with a custom American/Canadian flag]

Look what [was] custom made for us! It’s a megahit. You did an amazing job.

~ Jackson T.